draw bunnies..

---->MY LiVE JOURNAL<-----

A part of my journal is Friends-Only
Most of my artwork will be public. You can friend me if you want to. As long as you are ok with my art style I will be happy to add you! =D
I don't post on communities a lot, but I do tag my works carefully. Just follow the tags you will find everything
Thank you!!
draw bunnies..


Happy be-lated Birthday jiarrrjia!
Sorry I didn't get to post this on the 13th! I hope you had a great day with your mom!

I know you like Lex and bunny!Lex :D I hope your love for him never fades! Thank you for always keeping me updated on everything Lex-related *hugs*
draw bunnies..

Mom put up my artwork today :')

She never really liked me drawing and stuff, waste of time, need to read more books blah blah…
she’s seen my fandom stuff, she always smiles and say: “two guys again?”XD god I love her!

I’ve never been trained or anything, so I always feel like Im not good enough. You guys are always SO super supportive and it means the world to me!

I’ve been drawing a little more seriously(and on paper) during the time I was away (from my tablet), and today when I came home I saw my mom put 2 of them in photo frames and displaced them in the house ;_____;

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draw bunnies..


Been drawing on paper for a while, now it feels a little weird to do it on the tablet:/
and the fact that my hands are FREEZING is totally not helping the situation
I think my body is telling me to go to bed :B
draw bunnies..

What's shipping?

What are you guys shipping right now?

I know for a FACT everyone in the world is into Avengers right now! I've read a ton of fic in Mando already XD

And again, for me, once a OTP alwayz a OTP :D

I didn't do too much fandom stuff. Have been reading fics here and there to relax. (works for me)
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